jl777 about marketing and BarterDEX

I found more articles for the “marketing is all that matters” peoples:

Cointelegraph: According to Simon Morris, former chief strategy officer at BitTorrent, Tron won’t be able to manage the transaction volume needed to tokenize BitTorrent…

unsubstantiated, but if you have a lot of OMG, maybe a bit concerning:

r/Buttcoin – CEO of OmiseGo not seen in months

When the tech isn’t complete and there isn’t a mass market solution yet, then yes, it can be argued that marketing makes the difference between all the projects which don’t have working tech but, like the one eyed man in the land of the blind… the first with actual scalable crypto tech that can be made easy to use, well, it seems even without out of this world marketing, it will do quite well all along.
Komodo plan is to create the working tech. Then if our marketing is somehow not good enough, we will work to improve that. However, based on what I see, our marketing is indeed improved and what more can you ask for than continuous improvement?

CoinDesk: ‘0% Success’: Why Blockchain Apps Just Aren’t Taking Off

Continuous improvement in all areas, that is what I have been advocating and personally doing that on the coding side. BarterDEX was a good example. While others were just marketing the DEX they didn’t have, we made it and it allowed non-technical people (who were patient) to actually do atomic swaps.
That was quite an improvement from the cli based “solutions” that were hyped, or the onchain “DEX” (what else can a token swap be??), but we did notice that it wasn’t easy enough so we started the MM2 project to redo the marketmaker from scratch with the new design requirements that were not part of MM1.
With this iteration, will it be enough to get mass market? Not sure, but we will find out what is missing and then be able to do MM3 if needed. That is how you get to a working mass market solution: release, get feedback, iterate.
I also hear a lot of “where is the roadmap” which is probably more from a desire to buy the rumor and sell the news and wanting some specific dates. News flash: tech innovation does not work on a strict calendar, we can make general estimates, but usually issues are found along the way that take more time.

I’ve seen some info new hyperdex/mm2.0 is built but didn’t see explanation what is actually being improved/why it’s done

BarterDEX was designed to work with coins that don’t have CLTV implemented. Back when it was started only a few coins had that. Nowadays, virtually all coins do.
SPV support was added AFTER the initial barterDEX was already working as was ETH support. So when you add totally new features after something is done, well, it ends up like adding stuff to something after it is already done and the end result isn’t optimally streamlined.
It also made assumptions about utxo availability locally for broadcasting to ordermatch.
It does work and even under load, as we saw over 100,000 atomic swaps completed, but if you were not technical enough it was hard to understand what went wrong if something wasn’t right.
This last part is the big question, if we can make it so non-technical users are able to understand how to use it well enough.
Many users have nodes behind NAT and couldn’t do direct connect, which an atomic swap requires, to solve that MM1 used a third node to act as a conduit. MM2 uses bittorrent so all nodes can direct connect to each other. Well supporting atomic swaps for coins without CLTV, this was quite ambitious and nobody else even tried to do that.
Also there were no cupholders, think of it as a manual transmission car: to a person who can only drive automatic transmission, it is not very good car. To someone that can drive manual, it is just fine.

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