41 – Expanding Komodo ecosystem

Komodo is 10x better than Ethereum. As soon as more devs start to build on top of it, it’s game over for Eth.

How do you make a good developer choose Komodo?

An Erc20->Assetchain migration tool, as easy as the AWS blockchain generator, will start the flippening.

Bull market -> Ethereum txfees $2, this will help. Also recent SEC guidelines might help too as centralized dapps can be considered money transmitters. At first only the smart projects that do their research will choose Komodo, but as they deliver superior solutions, then more and more will. This will take time, but it is inevitable as Komodo is a tax-free zone and it only needs to provide equivalent tech to win. Since it provides superior tech and is a tax free zone… well you do the projections!
Not saying Ethereum is going away, it won’t. But there is so much growth left in crypto, there is room for a large number of projects. Ethereum does not have to go away for Komodo to succeed. We are now seeing Komodo based projects getting funding. The people that know things in the industry know about Komodo. It is the consumers that are always last to know.

That’s right, consumers are always the last. What about Komodo’s response to many big companies trying to build good dapps on each other’s platforms while supporting money?

It will be like Microsoft apps vs Linux apps, each having their own domains. For entities that don’t care about spending $100,000 per year to spin up and maintain a network, being the free supplier doesnt matter to them, but generally speaking the innovation is not from dinosaurs, it is from smaller companies, that in turn become big companies. Then there are existing big companies that have many small divisions, each acting like a small company, so even a large existing company can innovate.
Until Custom Consensus, making a new consensus algorithm was a large project taking years and millions of dollars. In the last year, I personally created more new blockchain consensus algorithms than anybody else, possible more than everybody else combined. This level of productivity increase can only be ignored at your peril!
And marketing this, promotion that… sure it is a good tiebreaker for projects that are all about the same. But my guess is that the Model T car didn’t need a lot of paid promotion when it came out against the horse&buggy. So new tech does win, in spite of existing competition having all the marketing. How did the horse&buggy end up? Did it matter who on youtube was promoting them? Or what sort of hype was created?
If we have to rely on hype to survive, then might as well sell all KMD and buy whatever coin you feel has the best hype machine. Please think about the definition of hype: “Promotion or propaganda; especially exaggerated claims”. For those of you that are pushing for us to hype, you are pushing us to make exaggerated claims, but that just goes against our nature. We will make claims that we can support.
When your operating timeframe is decades, a few month boost from hype is just a needless expense. Either the tech will survive and thrive over decades and KMD will be worth magnitudes more than it is now, or we will always be pegged to $1 and/or ranked #50 on Coinmarketcap.

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